QTS - VIP Limousine Transfer Services in Heraklion Crete Airport

Welcome Airport - Port Concierge

One of our assistants will greet you holding an electronic welcome sign in the arrivals area of the airport / port.

The same assistant will escort you to the vehicle which will then transfer you to your preferred destination.

Welcome Fast Track

Depending on the clearance obtained from the airline, our assistant will greet you prior to entering baggage claim area and will ensure that you are directed to the vehicle, without delay, which will transfer you to your preferred destination (5-15’ on average).

This service must be booked in advance and we also require a photocopy of each passenger’s passport.

Check-in Fast Track (with Lounge Cafe)

Relax in the airport’s Lounge Cafe while we have your baggage wrapped in plastic stretch film for protection and go through check-in for you. Ten minutes prior to your flight’s departure, one of our assistants will take you through the security scanners without delay and without waiting in line. You will then be free to immediately board the aircraft.

Exclusive VIP Guard Services

We are pleased to provide exclusive services to distinguished clients, such as world leaders, sheikhs, lords, dukes, maharajas, stars, VIPs and celebrities, whereby they are greeted on the ground in front of the aircraft or vessel.

The Exclusive Services may, upon request, obtain the necessary clearance and ensure that our client continues to travel incognito.

Chauffer Service

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Air Taxi - Sightseeing

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Yacht Charter

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