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Q.T.S. was founded about 25 years ago by George Fthenakis, and is a leading company in the luxury transportation industry, earning in the process an outstanding reputation.

Q.T.S. Services in Greece specializes in providing high quality V.I.P. services, by offering unique travelling options and moments to clients with high demands

We recognise the fact that every client is different and that is why we take the time to understand fully what you require. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

By providing the most appropriate professional drivers, we can guarantee safe and comfortable travel to and from any destination.

Our services are aimed at the businessman and VIP visitor who is looking for a luxurious, fast and safe travel.

Combining our professional drivers with the luxury cars of our fleet will offer a beautiful and exciting journey even to those who can not drive or dare ride on motorways unknown to them.

With extra charge and after collusion, we also offer additional services such as fast track, translator service, tour guide service or even the possibility of providing bodyguard services. For more demanding and special trips, we also provide the possibility of escort cars.

Our professional drivers are at your disposal to carry out your every wish with confidentiality and offer you an exciting movement with consistency, safety and confidence. Your move is driven by a simple move to an integrated transport experience to and from the desired destination.

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In any case, come in contact with us for any information, clarification or question you may have.

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