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Luxury Limousines, VIP Transfers & Tours, Heraklion Crete Airport

Exclusive and tailored service for Corporate Executives and VIP individuals

Our fleet is composed from luxurious, safe, comfortable vehicles of last generation!


By providing Luxury Limousines and the most appropriate professional drivers, we can guarantee safe travel to and from any destination. Our services are aimed at the businessman and VIP visitor who is looking for a luxurious, fast and safe travel. We provide fast track support services at Heraklion Crete Airport. Combining our professional drivers with the luxury cars of our fleet will offer a beautiful and exciting journey. Also we are proud about our chauffer services to offer private tours to our clients. Our first priority is your safety. We only use the highest quality vehicles, up to a standard expected for VIP persons. Your comfort and safety, together with a happy healthy environment during your journey is very important to us. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey to experience the hospitality of Crete island. Our assistants will greet you holding an electronic welcome sign in the arrivals area of the airport /port. Our assistant also will greet you prior to entering baggage claim area and will ensure that you are directed without delay to the vehicle, to transfer you to your preferred destination.

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We provide Exclusive VIP Transfers. We are able to  offer a Limousine & Prestige car service specially tailored for your needs.



We only use the highest quality vehicles and we can provide both business and personal chauffeur services, as well as, and individual tours to our clients.



In addition to our excellent services, we also provide additional services to our clients such as fast track, translator service, tour guide service or even bodyguard services.



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By providing the most appropriate professional drivers, we can guarantee safe travel to and from any destination.

Our services are aimed at the businessman and VIP visitor who is looking for a luxurious, fast and safe travel. Combining our professional drivers with the luxury cars of our fleet will offer a beautiful and exciting journey even to those who can not drive or dare ride on motorways unknown to them.

With extra charge and after collusion, we also provide additional services such as fast track, translator service, tour guide service or even the possibility of providing bodyguard services. For more demanding and special trips, we also provide the possibility of escorting.

Our professional drivers are at your disposal to carry out your wishes with confidentiality and offer you an exciting movement with consistency, safety and confidence. Your move is driven by a simple move to an integrated transport experience to and from the desired destination.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for any information, clarification or question you may have.

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